Our goal is to give businesses in the Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise segment (MSMEs) a low-cost Point-of-Sale that keeps proper and real-time records of their sales for every product and service.

Billsway Bill Settlement Service (BBSS)

Our Billsway Bill Settlement Service (BBSS) is a Point-of-Sale System (POS) that allows you as a business owner to delegate certain sales permissions to your salespeople, enabling you to focus on all other aspects of your business.

This tool takes your sales register live, giving every salesperson the permissions to generate sales invoices, charge clients for the purchase, and save and share the receipts with the customers and the business owner/proprietor.

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1. Business Owner/Proprietor

  • Take your Sales Register live and online allowing you access to your sales data anywhere and anytime on any smartphone or computer.
  • Grant/Revoke sales invoice generation and sales receipt-logging permissions to your salespeople/cashiers/tellers.
  • Monitor each and every sale with information on the product/service purchased, payment confirmation, salesperson information, customer information, and any other transaction details relevant to the sale.
  • Designate each salesperson to a sales station thereby eliminating duplication of duties.
  • Save the time it takes to lock in sales by giving your salespeople more responsibility.

2. Salesperson/Cashier/Teller

  • Generate invoices
  • Fill in customer data
  • Bill customers – Cash and M-PESA (Airtel, Telkom and Credit cards coming soon)
  • Log transaction – Auto-generated Receipt numbers, M-Pesa Reference Number auto-sync.
  • Save Receipt – Auto-uploads to database and Business owner’s hub.
  • Share Receipts with customers – Print, Email or whatsapp
  • This tool works on any smartphone or computer.